A Unique Approach

At Aspect Health, we've developed a unique concierge-style approach that leads clients much more confidently through a complex development process. Starting with a strategy that's based on the most advanced building practices, we customize it to a client's needs, optimize it to ensure that it will produce the best visual, auditory, and tactile experience, and then build — a state-of-the art healthcare facility that delivers the ultimate in comfort and convenience for the patient and ease of use for the professionals who work there.

Informed Decisions

As experts in healthcare hospitality, we know that the best healthcare facilities blend technical sophistication with a social mission in the communities they serve. Toward that goal, we bring every tool to the table — guiding our clients along the decision-making process to ensure the necessary research, data, and behavioral insights are being considered.

Healthy Living

Designing buildings to promote healthy living has been our priority since before the COVID crisis. We stay on top of trends and cutting-edge practices to ensure that we're always thinking and planning one step ahead of the industry. We've partnered with research institutions such as Columbia, Cornell, and others to ensure that we always build based on evidence-based practices. This enables us to deliver the most advanced environments of safety for patients, physicians, and staff.

Touchless Gateways

  • Create cost efficiencies
  • Take advantage of incentives
  • Adjust to change in reimbursements
  • Reduce physician burnout
  • Drive digital transformations

Advancements to Indoor Air Quality

  • Needlepoint bi-polar ion generation
    Clumps and disinfects airborne particles
  • Electrostatic particle filtration
    Captures small particles from the air
  • Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI)
    Disinfects virus particles in HVAC filters

Signage to Support a
Reassuring Experience

  • Updates on evolving practices
  • Notices on how to utilize new technologies
  • Guides to encourage positive behavioral practices
  • Wayfinding and messaging to facilitate safe habits
  • Messaging for guidelines on interaction with others

Improved Cleaning Protocols

  • High grade cleaning and disinfecting
    All common area touchpoints
    Morning and night
    Killing 99% of all germs and viruses

Leading Clients Confidently Through
All Aspects of a Complex Process

Real state advisory & strategy

Real Estate Advisory & Strategy

Clinical & Operational Advisory

Clinical & Operational Advisory

>Site Selection & Entitlement

Site Selection & Entitlement

Patient Experience Planning & Design

Patient Experience Planning & Design

Concierge Property Management

Concierge Project Management

Construction and Developmenty

Construction & Development

Financial Engineering

Financial Engineering

Liquidity Strategy

Liquidity Strategy

Concierge Property Management

Concierge Property Management

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