Aspect Health Medical Buildings are In Demand, and the Company Launches New Product in the Market


Jun 28, 2022

New Buildings are Transforming Healthcare Experience in the Region and Attracting Top-Tier Tenants

WESTPORT & NEWTOWN, CONN. (June 28, 2022) – Aspect Health, a real estate advisor, investor and developer who specializes in the emerging field of “healthcare hospitality,” today announces the successful lease-up of the remainder of its portfolio, represented by two buildings in Newtown, Connecticut. The buildings attracted new tenants who sought a thoughtful building design that met their business goals. Existing tenants also expanded their footprint within the buildings after working with Aspect Health on how their real estate could support their healthcare delivery strategy.

“We are seeing more and more demand for medical office buildings that provide a concierge level healthcare experience” said Christopher Smith, Founder and CEO of Aspect Health. “Many of the buildings we develop or redevelop are speculative builds, and each time we complete a project they lease up with top-tier tenants and providers who want to deliver a best-in-class healthcare experience.”

With the increase in demand, the Aspect Health team is also adding three additional state-of-the-art Class-A medical office properties to the Connecticut market to serve the needs of the community and attract top-tier healthcare providers. These properties include the development of 36 Stony in Bethel, CT, full redevelopment of 2909 Main Street in Stratford, CT, and redevelopment of 33 Hospital Avenue in Danbury, CT. 36 Stony will be a two story, Class-A 20,850-square-foot medical office building on 3.2 acres of land that will follow the same design strategy as the previous buildings developed by Aspect Health. Delivery is projected for the fourth quarter of 2023.

2909 Main Street is a 20,222 square-foot two-story freestanding Class-A medical office building that will be transformed into a Class-A concierge healthcare designed facility. The redeveloped facility will also boast interior design improvements including COVID inspired enhancements designed for patient and care provider protection such as touchless foot pedals in elevators and touchless door openers. Exterior and common area renovations have commenced, and completion is projected for the third quarter of 2022. 33 Hospital Avenue is an 11,381 square foot two-story freestanding Class-A medical office building that will be redeveloped into a state-of-the-art Class-A medical office building that will extend the Danbury Hospital campus. The architectural design elements and redevelopment improvements of 33 Hospital Avenue take into account the hospital location across the street and a concierge-style healthcare experience for patients for Nuvance’s Neuroscience Institute. The building is projected to open in the fourth quarter of 2022. Each of these developments are a part of Aspect Health’s continued efforts to improve healthcare delivery in the state.

“These developments provide comprehensive solutions that go well beyond the physical space for each of these healthcare providers,” said Smith. “This is changing the landscape of healthcare delivery in the region and will improve the health system to benefit physicians and patients locally. We will continue to prioritize a future-focused strategy when partnering with healthcare clients to meet the innovation demand needed to transform healthcare real estate solutions.”


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